10 Signs You’re A Video Editor

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Video Editors…

We thought it would be fun to list off a couple of things that every video editor understands.

Behind the scenes on a set

Behind the scenes on a shoot.


1. There aren’t any windows in your office. Editors often work in dark soundproof rooms to help see clearly and hear all the underlying noises in a film. Here in our Thousand Oaks office, we have a beautiful interior design to offset the usual lack of windows.
2. You know the difference between linear and non-linear editing. Although computers have been around for a long time now, many editors used the old standard of going tape to tape also known as “linear editing”. The new process of editing on a computer is called non-linear editing.
3. You don’t use a knife when you use “Final Cut”. Obviously, one of the most famous applications in modern editing is Final Cut Pro from Apple
4. Video Editing is for musicians? Video editors often have to edit video to a beat the same way musicians record music to a click track. Its all about the beat.
5. You’re an Avid Video Editor. To video editors, this doesn’t necessarily mean you love editing, it simply means you know the software known as “Avid”
6. Using a green key. Although I have car keys and house keys that are black, silver, blue…(many different colors), a green key to an editor is a color that is used for masking out a background. For the last few decades, TV meteorologists have been using this method to display the weather behind them on air.
7. Rendering is your favorite thing! Not exactly…
8. The video shoot went longer than expected and was supposed to be done a week ago but… Every editor hears this at some point. It’s usually the directors nice way of asking you to hurry things up.
9. B-Roll What do you mean this isn’t food? Can you tell I’m hungry? B-Roll is usually an overlay of footage that is used to create visual interest in an edit.
10. You’d make a fantastic cinematographer/director. After seeing years of bad footage, garbled audio, out of focus shots, bad lighting… you are certain you could do it better.


All jokes aside, we hope you have a happy new year!