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On September 23, 2015, Posted by , In Post Production,

Nothing to see here…just a couple of fire breathers in slow motion.

In case you have never heard of “Bullet Time”, it is the effect used in the Matrix movies where the actor would be seen in a “slow motion, fly around” sequence. However, in the movie it was usually a CGI bullet or something not really there that was inserted into the scene in post production to add to visual effects. In this sequence, you can actually see around the fire as the guys are blowing the flames. This is something of a spectacle to actually see and witness. In reality, we can only see what is in front of us. I have never been able to see the actual shape of a flame in any given instance. It’s almost interesting to think that we live and see in a 3D world, yet flames & water almost appear as flat to our eyes. This video gives depth, shape, texture and color to something we have all seen but have never seen this way before.

Here is a behind the scenes on how a rig like this was shot using “Bullet Time”