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Come in and experience the state of the art in efficient, precision High Definition editing!

Edit 1

Professional High Definition Edit Suites in Thousand Oaks Serving All Of Your HD Media Needs

Professional High Definition Edit Suite

Our flagship High Definition edit suite. Edit 1 is a large, comfortable suite powered by a Final Cut Pro Studio system integrating a AJA ioXT with a Thunderbolt disc-array, providing high-bandwidth and redundant data security.

Configured primarily for HD Media Projects, this bay is purpose built to handle the most demanding technical requirements while at the same time allowing for the creative process to be the primary focus. Stocked  with powerful applications such as Adobe Creative Suite, Motion, DVD Studio Pro and Flash, this room represents the Gold Standard for Post Production in the entire Conejo Valley. Edit 1 can also deliver Standard Definition formats including, Digibeta, Beta SP, DVCam and DVD. Or we can post files to the internet on request.

Edit 2

Edit Bay 3

Professional Editing Suite

Built in a setting that promotes the ultimate in creativity, Edit 2 is our artist’s suite. Clients can relax in the ultra-quiet, rock-covered room and let their creative juices flow. This suite provides editors with Final Cut Pro Studio, AJA Kona 3 video acceleration, and terabytes of high speed Fibre-channel storage, allowing clients the flexibility to work on both HD and SD projects to suit to their needs.

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