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From a creative stand-point, editing is one of the most fulfilling jobs out there. Editing is an art form and takes experience and patience. Generally, an editor is given a large amount of video that needs to be organized. Imagine being an artist and given a blank canvas with which to start working. Now imagine taking this blank canvas, some desired elements from your client and creating a finished masterpiece. This is what it is like to be an editor.

Generally speaking, most footage is sorted before hand by directors and producers so that only the best video is imported and used. Even then, most of this footage is out of context and needing to be sorted just to make sense of it. This is where a good editor is key. A good editor will quickly understand the story line and will start to adapt and make creative adjustments so that visually the story flows well. The final end product of the video is visually a compelling part of what the editor sees and feels. This is why a good editor is important to the project.

Tweet: The final end product of the video is visually a compelling part of what the editor sees and feels.

Once the clips are in good working order in the timeline, this is when you add music, titles and graphics to add emotion and make the video more enjoyable to the viewer. A good editor will once again “ripple-edit” around to make sure the music and timing is all flowing nicely with the placement of the original clips within the timeline. This is also where a lot of green-screen keying will be cleaned up and coloring will take place so that the body of the film feels in unison. At the end, the final video should all feel seamless.

At Eric Blum Productions, we have used programs such as Avid, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro for editing and Adobe After Effects for added visuals and titles. We mostly rely on Adobe Premier these days. Premier and After Effects are designed in a way that make taking a complex array of footage simpler and streamline our editing. This helps us work more quickly and efficiently.