Getting Good Audio For Your Video Production

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On November 11, 2015, Posted by , In Movies,

Getting good audio is vital to making and producing a video worth watching. Audio engineers listen for everything when making music records, finalizing the score to a movie or even just the local news broadcast. You have probably heard someone say “quiet on the set” before. There is a reason for this. You have probably watched a movie recently where the audio went from the left side of the room and swooshed by to the right side of the room. There is a magical perception involved in the way our brain receives this audio signal. It helps us believe we are present in the video we are watching. It helps us to feel the wind rushing by and feel close to the characters. So getting high quality audio is of the utmost importance to a video. Watch the above video and see how you can capture good audio in camera for a better sounding video.

Below is a video from the movie “Ready When You Are Mr McGill” (2003). Its an outtake from a funny scene where only the sound guy hears the airplane during a take. Enjoy! 😀