Filming – How To Light A Scene 3 Different Ways

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On October 6, 2015, Posted by , In Movies,

We saw this video posted all over the internet the other day and thought it would be important to share it as well. If for nothing else, we want people to understand the complexities of lighting a scene. Most experienced people in the industry will look at this video and will say they already know this information (might even be critical of it)…we just want to pass it along so that those coming up in the industry can also learn how to make certain emotions and feelings present in a scene through proper lighting. It might also be of help when trying to explain to a client why a certain location wont work. Lighting is almost everything in the world of cinematography.

Be sure to pay attention to the shear number of lights that make these scenes work. Each scene requires lights in specific locations to make the production work. They also require the lights to be presented behind color gels, barn doors, gobos, etc. The tricky and amazing thing through out the video is you cannot see any stands for any of the lights in any of the shots. Well done!