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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a new product that needs a creative video for commercials, infomercials and the web. Can you help us?
That is one of our great strengths here at Eric Blum Productions! Our staff specializes in creating engaging, informative media targeted to your audience, and tailored for your needs. Whether that means short form commercials, full length infomercials, high definition web streaming or more. Contact Us to schedule an appointment to discuss your project!

Our company is holding an executive conference in the near future. Is this something that Eric Blum Productions can cover?
At EBP we have a deep pool of talented staff and crew to capture your event, large or small. Contact us for a quote today!

Can EBP convert my video to a web-friendly format for YouTube or Vimeo?
Yes! We can convert most any video into a web-friendly h.264 or other format. Edit sessions can be viewed on your home or office computer at your leisure, or posted for public viewing on Youtube or other webcasting site. The general public is invited to take advantage of this service as well! Contact us for a quote!

Does EBP convert aging home videos to DVD that can be viewed on home equipment?
Yes! Eric Blum Productions is proud to offer dubbing and file conversionfrom many professional and consumer formats, both Standard Definition and High Definition! Contact us for a quote

Does Eric Blum Productions do CGI?
Yep! Check out a fast loading lo-res version of our graphics reel in our sidebar!