5 Tips for Producing a Corporate Video

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When tasked with making a corporate video it’s important to know and understand the audience receiving the message. Because the video is for a corporation, it is important to clearly send the right message to the correct audience.

Professional High Definition Video Production Camera

High Definition Video Production

Here are a list of things you should consider when making a corporate video.

1. Always hire a professional team that works professionally in the field of Video Production and Video Editing. Not trying to toot our own horn here, but there are too many technical aspects that can go wrong along the way. It is easier, cheaper and safer to hire professionals to do the job right the first time.

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2. Figure out who the hero is of the story. There are certain personalities that will usually be a part of the corporations video that need to be the key focus of the message. Identifying who these people are is an important part of pre-production. It also helps them to feel more involved in the video and the importance of its message.

3. Find out about the location early. Knowing everything you can about the location is important because you can identify lighting issues, audio issues, safety issues…early. This will prevent having any complications during the production and will speed things up in post-production.

4. Scheduling. Did you hire an MUA (Make Up Artist)? There many components to making your subject pops. Making sure you hire the right people and using a “call sheet” to schedule these people accordingly is extremely important.

5. What is the attire? On some shoots, you need to disappear. Wearing all black in a dark arena may help out here but what about shooting an event to be held outdoors on a hot summer day? There are also many corporate events that may be black tie or at least a dressy attire is required. It is very important to know what the attire is for the shoot.


I hope this quick short list will help you get an idea on how to prepare and shoot your next corporate video.